Member Portal


Features Overview

Instant Alert

Revolutionizing the industry by providing access to every demographic of data in real time. Our enhanced alert system covers all relevant departments in New York City to ensure you never miss a critical step again.

Add/Remove Property

Easily add properties by using our user-friendly portal platform. You can add by address, BIN or requesting one of our agents to add for you.

Property Card

All relevant property information is automatically synced to our property card. From zoning to notes, keep everything for your property in one place.


You will instantly receive a summary report when signing up, thereafter you will receive them weekly or monthly depending on your customizable settings.

Custom Property Inspection

Adding unlimited custom inspections allows you to track all deadlines. Setting alerts at your discretion provides multiple reminders to ensure you never miss a vital step again.

Portal Access

24/7 access to your member portal allows you to track and manage every detail of your property in one location.

Member Portal Specifications

Adding Properties

Our user-friendly tool allows you to add or remove properties within seconds. You can add by address, BIN or sending us your list of properties.