About Us

Proactive Building Solutions is a collaboration of its core team members and fellow New Yorkers, each representing a crucial subdivision that together form the foundation for the PBS network. Their more than 100 years combined experience in the industry provides them with nuanced insight into the planning and process behind every type of building project and property imaginable. By maintaining open communication, accurate records and to-the-minute updates, the PBS team is able to utilize its carefully selected resources and trusted professional ties to the greatest advantage of each and every client. All PBS associates are highly qualified and well reputed, and hold each other to the company standard of excellence. Beyond their in-house coordination, the PBS core team members are friends and neighbors who've partnered on hundreds of projects and endeavors. Proactive Building Solutions has honed the skills and built the relationships necessary to revolutionize the industry.

Our Team


Jon Credendino

Executive Director

Abdallah Elcherbini

Registered Architect

Arthur Estupinian

Licensed Master Plumber

Hal Ozkurt

Licensed Master Electrician

James Powers

MEP Engineer

Glen Langer

Structural Engineer