Revolutionizing the industry by providing access to every demographic of data in real-time. Our enhanced alert system covers all relevant departments in New York City to ensure you never miss a critical step again.

Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Health and Department of Sanitation all send out violations, complaints, and notices sometimes requiring immediate action. DEP Cats registration tracking for boilers to ensure your device never expires.


Department of Buildings complaints, violations, corrections, permits, Certficates of Occupancy, and job filing status updates provided live for enhanced property and construction management. Periodic inspections for boilers, elevators, facades, benchmarking and gas piping are all tracked to ensure compliance while avoiding violations and fines.


Environmental Control Board, otherwise known as OATH, holds hearings for many department violations. Tracking their system ensures you never miss a court date again, instantly updating you on correction submissions, court appearances and determinations.


The Fire Department has many certificates, permits, and periodic inspection requirements that we track for you to ensure compliance. The department's major requirements include, but are not limited to, a five-year sprinkler flow test, annual backflow inspections, fire alarm approvals, Certificates of Fitness, letters of approval, and Certificates of Corrections.


The Housing Preservation & Development requires annual registration with many codes to abide by. We track your building-specific requirements, complaints, corrections and emergency repairs.


Department of Transportation covers all sidewalks and roadways. Complaints, violations, inspections and emergency repairs are all tracked to ensure compliance.

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How it works?

Once you sign up for our alert service, you will receive a welcome email confirming that you've been subscribed. From that moment on, your property will be monitored 24/7, and you will be notified of every department's activity via both email and by downloading our free, user-friendly mobile app (IOS and Android compatible).

For a limited time our alert service is free for the first 3 months, thereafter it is only $9 per building per month.

Membership is the next step, allowing total access to the client portal. The portal holds all property information, department data, and related specifications. Any time an alert arrives in your client portal, PBS remediation automatically begins by generating a comprehensive checklist of all items necessary for correction, and a team member immediately gets to work on completing each task. See Membership for more information.