DOB NOW: Build Phase 1 Launch

DOB NOW: Build Phase 1 Launch

Phase One of the expansion of DOB NOW: Build, will launch on December 28th, 2020 and will require the use of DOB NOW for any submissions associated with the new work types that have been added. Work types that have previously been submitted in Building Information System (BIS) as “Other” or “Construction Equipment” will now be submitted through DOB NOW: Build. The chart below elaborates on these additions and the locations of submissions going forward.

The categories included in each new work type are as follows:

  1.  General Construction (GC)- all job types (other than New Buildings and Alt-1 jobs) including Construction, Chimney, Façade, and Enlargement.
  2.  Foundation Work (FO)- Deep, Retaining Wall, Shallow, Tie Backs and Anchors, Underpinning, and Other.
  3. Earthwork (EA)- Excavation, Landscape, Sitework (Grading and fill), Soil Improvements, Underpinning.
  4. Support of Excavation (SE)- Berming/Sloping/Benching, Ground Freezing, Shoring/Bracing, Slurry Shaft/Wall, Soil, Grouting/Improvement Mixing, Tangent/Secant Piles, Tie Backs & Anchors, Other.
  5. Protection & Mechanical Methods (PM)- Chute, Cocoon, Hoisting Equipment, Mechanical Demolition Equipment, Platform, Roof Overhead Protection, Roof Protection, Other.


Some filings will continue in BIS as stated above. These filings include the above work types in D status or later, Post Approval Amendments (PAAs) on existing BIS filings, and New Building jobs. For New Building Jobs, 1, 2 and 3 family homes that are in Phase 1 will not require separate Foundation, Earthwork, and Support of Excavation filings. These can be included on architectural plans set for the OT/GC filings in BIS. If separate filings of these work types are submitted they must be filed in DOB NOW the same way the existing exemption for Mechanical and Structural elements have been since July, 2019. For all other building types, the OT/GC work type in BIS must be filed in DOB NOW during phase 1. Alt 1 jobs require filing a “No Work” or Schedule A job in BIS, and then a GC in DOB NOW. 

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