DOB NOW: Build Expansion

DOB NOW: Build Expansion

As per DOB’s service updates for the month of November, DOB is offering free online training via Webex for the new major expansion and upgrade of DOB NOW.

What is DOB NOW?

DOB NOW is a self-service online portal which allows you to conduct all DOB related business online. It consists of four parts:

  1. DOB NOW; Inspections
  2. DOB NOW: Build
  3. DOB NOW: Safety
  4. DOB NOW: Licensing

These online training opportunities will be focused on DOB NOW: Build, as new work types will be added to this section of the portal. The new work types are:

  • General Construction (GC) – Alteration jobs (formerly Alt-2 & Alt-3 only)
  • Foundation (FO)
  • Earthwork (EA)
  • Support of Excavation (SE)
  • Protection & Mechanical Methods (PM)

In addition to these work types, new functionality will be added. This will include the option to manage your Tenant Protection Plan, Site Safety Plan and give you the ability to Supersede & Withdraw.

In preparation for these updates, four courses will be offered. Course dates and topics are listed below. 

1. Filings in DOB NOW – Design Professionals & Filing Representatives. This course will cover the filing process in its entirety for alterations like PW1, TRs, resolving objections, etc.


2. Permits in DOB NOW – Contractors & Licensees. This course will focus on DOB NOW functions specific to contractors and licensees.                                                                             


3. Tenant Protection Plans & Site Safety Plans in DOB NOW. This training is recommended for anyone who is involved in a job that requires these plans.                                                       


4. Supersede & Withdraw in DOB NOW. This course will guide users on how to use these new functions of DOB NOW.


Registration for all of these courses can be found on the DOB NOW training page at

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